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Traffic Offenses

If you face a charge for a serious traffic offense, the results can be, at best, inconvenient and costly. At worst, they can result in jail time and a criminal record. If you are a commercial driver or driving is otherwise necessary to your employment your livelihood can be at stake.

Our lawyers have handled hundreds of traffic cases. Whether it is a speeding charge or more serious charge we can help. There is no reason to accept more penalties and points to your driving record than necessary.

If you are out-of-state or out-of-county and you cannot travel or take time off work to be at a traffic hearing, we can often appear on your behalf. Even if you have little or no defense, we are frequently able to reduce points, fines, and avoid suspensions.

Commercial drivers work hard. They depend on their driving privileges to feed their families. Our attorneys understand this fact; so do many police officers and judges. We take all measures available to prevent or mitigate damage to driving records of our commercial driver clientele.

Our attorneys also handle driver's license suspension appeals. Often, along with an appeal a supersedeas (stay of suspension) can be obtained for a client pending the outcome of the appeal. If you receive notice of suspension you must act quickly; in most cases there is a 30 day deadline to appeal a license suspension upon notice from PennDOT.

VC 1543(b), otherwise known as "driving under suspension DUI related" is the mother of summary Vehicle Code offenses in Pennsylvania. It carries large mandatory jail terms (upon conviction that is) and sizeable fines. There are methods to potentially avoid such penalties in relation to this charge.

Our attorneys provide free consultations in relation to all traffic cases and license problems.