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Carlisle, PA, Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one has been, or expects to be, charged with a crime it is important that an experienced criminal defense attorney be obtained as soon as possible.

If a police officer believes that you committed a crime it is their job to convict you and they will happily do so. This means that a police officer investigating you is not your friend despite outward appearances. Many police officers have prosecuted thousands of criminal cases. The everyday person is outmatched and unwise to attempt alone to communicate or negotiate with a police officer. It is a criminal defense attorney's job and duty to protect your interests and rights. The sooner an attorney can get involved, the sooner he can start building your case and protecting you.

Our attorneys can often help regardless of how strong a client's defenses are. There are often actions that a defendant can make immediately after being accused of a crime that will improve their overall situation. Criminal penalties can vary, or even be eliminated depending on how your case is handled. Most people accused of crimes are not aware of all their options, especially if they are charged with a first offense.

Criminal charges cause overwhelming stress on personal, family and employment situations. They are embarrassing. They carry direct consequences such as prison, supervision and fines along with collateral consequences such as loss of driving privileges, security clearance, and employment. Experienced and respected representation -- along with a well-planned strategy -- can make all the difference.

The United States and Pennsylvania Constitutions provide various protections against government interference in our lives. There are numerous legal hurdles that the government must overcome to convict a citizen. Everyone has rights at every step of the process.

Our attorneys have litigated criminal cases in over 30 counties in Pennsylvania. They have helped clients with a vast diversity of charges from First Degree Murder to Simple Assault to Retail Theft.

Our attorneys are members of the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers wherein criminal defense attorneys from across Pennsylvania meet and exchange ideas and methods in criminal defense.

We strive to provide the personal attention each client deserves along with reasonable, competitive and affordable pricing.